INNA (real name Alexandra) is a 23 years old girl, originally from the Romanian Black Sea Coast.

In a few short months INNA became a household name and her music a fixture in the clubs. "HOT" smashed the music charts, shortly after its release. "HOT" was no. 1 in the national Nielsen Airplay Chart, for 2 weeks and the "INNA fever" soon spread to Europe, the single receiving airplay in Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands. And the list goes on as the single is to be released worldwide.

"LOVE" was next on INNA`s agenda being the title of her second hit produced by Play&Win. Much expected by the Romanian audience "LOVE" climbed very fast in the Romanian and international music charts proving that INNA is more than a nickname and a hit. The success of this single was completed by the video, shot in slow motion, having as theme the battle between good and evil. While "Hot" just started being an international hit and "Love" already riding high in the charts, a new song with Inna was released, a collaboration with Romanian DJ Bob Taylor titled "Deja Vu". At first discretion was kept upon the identities of the singers, Inna being presented as "Anni", but as the track was climbing the charts and Inna`s vocals were easy to recognize, soon everybody learned that "Deja Vu" was nothing but Inna`s 3rd single.

June 2009 was full of surprises for INNA, her popularity and the impact of the single "Hot" in Spain, brought her the Platinum Record. How amazing was that? Enough to prompt a single release with the same name with a video shot on a beautiful beach in Portugal. "AMAZING" went straight to number one in several territories where INNA`s "Hot" was already a big hit.
Awards and accolades wise 2009 was indeed INNA year: at Romanian Music Awards she won 4 of the 16 awards, while more recently she won the "Best Romanian Act" award at the MTV European Music Awards which took place November 5th 2009 in Berlin. There INNA caused a commotion on the red carpet wearing tight red pants and a transparent top, taking the spotlight for several minutes and delaying the entrance of other artists!!