First Generation

First Generation - girls band of 21 century!

History of First Generation began when girlfriends from the city of Barnaul have realized that they have to play in a rock band. Christine and Alina met during the summer holidays in London, although studied in parallel classes. On their return, they decided to play with Sonya, a classmate of Alina. Christina chose the bass guitar, Alina - drums, and Sonya decided to be guitarist. In place behind the microphone girls called the famous singer at school - Natasha. Finally, Anna, a classmate of Alina and Sonya, took her place at the keys.
In January 2012 a few songs were recorded and warmly received by different musical circles. Invitations to the concerts were not long in coming: the charm of participants does not leave anyone indifferent. The band began performing regularly in their city, and beyond.
First Generation is often involved in regional and All-Russian competitions for young performers and yet never fell below the first place! Girls became winners of prestigious competitions such as My First Disc and Yamaha Band Contest 2013. The main things in their work are emotions, whether it is suffering, love, joy, confusion, fatigue, passion, fear and freedom. They sing both in Russian and in English.