September 15th. Arena Moscow. RDS Records proudly presents Skazi with My Way show!

Four studio albums, numerous compilations and thousands of concerts around the world. Over the past ten years Skazi ascended to the top of the global electronic stage. Five years have passed since the release of the previous album «Total Anarchy», now the group is back with a new ground-breaking work «My Way».

Israel's electronic project Skazi appeared in 1998, creating its own unique branch of trance music. The first album «Animal», released in September 2000 made a real music revolution. Taking elements of punk and hardcore, Skazi produced an innovative revolution trance scene, combining electronics with live guitar riffs that had previously been considered an absolute frenzy.

In March 2002 Skazi released their second album «Storm», it was followed by the third work of «Total Anarchy», which, literally, struck the world in 2006. Also in the period from 2001 to 2004, the band released three compilation that the recognition of critics' ahead of their time ", given the diversity of musical innovation, and platelets. In addition to his own albums and compilations, Skazi have been included in more than 500 different compilations that were released on the major dance labels.

For ten years Skazi have visited almost all corners of the globe, performing at the biggest raves and rock festivals in Japan, Brazil, Israel, Australia, Russia, UK and USA.

Skazi says, that their fourth album «My Way» - the best thing he had ever created