Akcent feat Ruxandra Bar

Formed in 2001, Akcent is at the moment the number one boy band in Romania. Their debut album "In culori (In Bright Colours)" reached Gold and Platinum in a very short time from its release in January 2001. The international debut album of Akcent was titled "French Kiss with Kylie", included the hits "Kylie", "JoKero" and "French Kiss" and was released all over Europe in the end of summer 2006. The album also included two ballads written by none other than Nicole Formescu, famous for the hits she wrote in the past for the boy super group Blue. Nicole visited Romania once again after many years to meet the guys and record "I Swear" and "4 Seasons In One Day". After conquering Europe, Akcent came back home to record new songs and were surprised to find out that they won the "Best Group" award in MTV Romanian Music Awards 2006, the bigger surprise being the guest star who handed the award, namely none other than the three foxy girls of SUGABABES.